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Your local market in one click.

Bioinn allows the discovery and purchase of organic, ecoresponsible and handcrafted products from your key districts. Merchants occupy an online marketplace, giving them access to a transactional platform within their community.

Together, let’s reinvent the supply system.
Get closer to your local market!

At Bioinn, we share our passion with consumers and merchants of organic and ecoresponsible produce, as well as artisans in your area.

This new transactional platform, Bioinn, serves as a showcase for these markets in your region, with a focus on local economy and sustainable development.

This showcase also integrates onto the existing traditional model by complementing it.

How it works?

Locate nearby merchants and local shops.

Choose your organic, ecoresponsible and handcrafted products from local suppliers.

Place your order while knowing when they will be ready and available for pick up at the place of business or drop-off point.

Discover a wealth of information on products, merchants and craftmen.

Log in to the community.
Our solution will amaze you!

Bioinn is a community supply network.

We work closely with organic and ecoresponsible merchants, producers and artisans in order to help you find them in your favorite neighborhoods.

In addition, your contribution supports the community’s mission to encourage regional farms and artisans.

For merchants, Bioinn is the ideal solution for your online presence.

Consult our brochure to find out how!

Ready to order? Access the platform

No need to have your wallet in hand. Also, you no longer need be on site in order to be made aware of products’ availabilities. In addition, you will discover merchants and products located in your favorite neighborhoords. What a discovery!

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At Bioinn,
we promote human values:

  • Unity.
  • Contributing to the local economy.
  • Supporting innovation and facilitating the digital integration of merchants, artisans and small businesses.
  • Promoting sustainable development.
  • Facilitating the discovery of organic, ecoresponsible regional produce, as well as quality handcrafted products.
  • Promoting health and social consciousness.

Only 12% of Quebec companies in the manufacturing, wholesale, retail or service sectors sell their products and online services. Moreover, only a quarter of purchases made online by Quebec consumers were made on Québec sites.

The global mega-data market is set to grow at an average rate of 25% per year by 2020.

E-commerce is a fundamental global trend that the expected increase in online sales between 2016 and 2019 is 20 per year. Despite this, only one in eight Quebec businesses sell their products and services online.

By 2020, more than 80% of companies will have digitized their value chain.

The internet of things improves productivity and resource efficiency (an increase of 20% in efficiency over a five-year horizon).

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